One could grow old and die, yet never sort
out all the human quirks that sabotage
a soul from finishing its goal. The short
and thorny lives, to which all men are heir,
in sum become, a damnable montage
of vice and double cross, with lies to spare.

If someone touts a scale of good and bad,
then someone else will undermine and spin
each increment to change intents and add
distortions and fresh doubts. This human flaw
assures a game that stalemate will win,
and virtue loses buttress from Soul's law.

The problems rise when men of feckless grasp
and low grade self awaremess, burn the rules
that better men, until their final gasp,
plied their last dime and damn.These vermin mate
and multiply and fill the world with fools,
who have no goals to gain, nor celebrate.

Ethical men, are so by choice. The best
of us say no to stolen treats and strive
to stay taint-free and fixed on honor's quest.
Each soul declares what's right, to serve and seek,
and they who travel light, and always drive,
stand every chance to see their spirit's peak.