Your Turn at Bat

Each life is like an envelope in time,
that sports some tally of foul traits and states.
The hole from which all worthy men must climb,
has kept them lrussed and tranced, in self made straits.

New Bios can underpin a wakened brain,
with better sight and will, to face the fates.
A brightened mind appreciates the pain
all earthly beings undergo. It emanates

an energy that's savvy and kind, giving
support and love for strugglers, who strive
to shed their crap, and script a better Living.
Its dire we join this quest to help revive

our lost divine identity. Much work,
and many things to change, is what it takes
to find the upbound path. A dumb bum jerk
it is, whose sass assures, he never elevates.

To rise from cess, just like the phoenix did from fire,
IS the holiest graille, worth more than power
or wealth. Tune out the whiner and the liar,
who smear and twist what's true. Go find a flower,

fall down in grass, and sniff its daylights out.
Then rise, and grip the joystick of your quest.
No one but you, through work, can wrangle clout
from old habits demise. Only your best,

most ardent efforts will, yield up good ends.
Easy to say, but mondo hard to do.
Your average half hearted numbskull spends,
sometimes, all of kis days, worshipping poo.