A civilian worker for the US Army, attempted to explain
his medical expenses on a form. " I was hired, " he wrote,
" to replace the roofing tiles on the base's barracks main
latrine. I rigged a block and tackle to avoid the tote

of tiles up and down the ladder, and I used a wooden drum
to hold the tiles. When on top of the latrine, I'd tie
the drum in place and then would stack old tiles. When I'd come down,
my plan was to lower the drum by rope. This plan did not comply

with certain laws. I loosed the rope and when the barrel fell,
it weighed much more than I, and pulled me up. The barrel hit
my shoulder coming down and cracked my collarbone. Sirs, it was Hell!
My fingers smashed against the pulley (broke 3 of them)., The bit

that bugs me most is when the barrel broke. I fell twelve feet
and landed on my knees and if that wasn't bad enough,
on its way past, the wreckage lacerated my left teat.
On the cement, so stunned I was, I fell back on my duff,

and God knows why, let go of the rope. The wreckage dropped
and clocked me with concussion, not to mention a 4 inch gash.
The ICU kept me a week, and since the bleeding stopped,
I'm two months in the ward. If Neurology doesn't clash

with Traction, I'm told I might be walking by next year.
This incident has cost my livlihood, ny sanity and hope.
Please tell me that Trump's health care cuts, don't exclude my severe
concerns. (Though I voted for him, I now feel like a dope!).