How Wrong Can You Be?

As thinkers, most men are a motley lot.
They pose and posture like they have a brain,
but few of them have ever had a thought
that didn't owe its rising to a link
from something else. Reactions to the chain
of life take place, but many rarely think.

The longer that they strut as if awake,
the more esteemed they hold themselves to be.
Offending one's is easier than cake.
Thin skinned and set to trigger on a whiff,
they'll go nuclear at a farting flea,
then torch the landscape on a single sniff!

If one can dial back his self conceit
and hush the pharisee within his head,
he might be graced with living's sweetest treat;
to glimpse the Infinite within his soul.
Bullshit, you say? My friend, you've been misled
if you believe without that, you are whole,