The Wizard Waits

With consciouness as Goal, rewards are wings
for Mind to soar beyond Persona's thick
and thorny woods. As elevation brings
new points of view to bear on tangled things,
we see in ways, both wonderous and slick.

Comeasurate with time and force one spends
to work at this, puzzle parts and tools appear.
As one is freed from stiff brain ways, so wends
his liberation from greed, pride and fear,
and so grows Light, within his conscious sphere.

"As you row, so shall you seep," said the man
in his leaky boat. Another side
of, 'as you sow,so shall you reap,' this plan
should be hardwired in every head. A ban
on slack-jawed, slipshod frauds, self-satisfied,

with shit between their ears, should be declared.
The 'swim or sink' aspect of 'teeth and claws'
existence, parallels a set of laws
that rid and realign one's long impaired
vetting of priorities, and other flaws.

The self who looks outside, must be re-linked
and synched with eyes and sense that look within.
When writs commiting 'force/resource' are inked,
the old regime, will take one on the chin.
Blown stone from stone, false thrones become extinct,

when soul-scouts pull their pins on Truth's grenade.
A levelling of worthless thoughts will bring
about a Rennaisance and inner Spring.
All vestiges of how it was, will fade.
The yellow bricks to Oz, are a real thing.