Wine Taster

One's truth is anythng one tells oneself, so care to what
the brain consumes, should be one's first concern.
Believing things, is not the same as knowing things, clear cut.
There is a Truth most true, and one should be prepared to learn

the working way to see Divinity, in terms of scale. A creed
of any sort, even good ones, must show humility, where deep
and spooky things brush up against the mind. Religions breed
a form of sleep that's very hard to wake up from. A steep

and painful climb from it's crater of delusion comes first,
before new understanding can accrue to set one free.
Not meek or mild, Persona's demons and thugs, are the worst
of many obstacles that wait to block the path to liberty.

There is a timeless order to the fit and interlock
of everything. The underlying math and principles,
are always there for men to find, though pious morons mock
these laws, preferring myths whose supermen can bend the rules.

The cross is symbol for two unlike types of direction.
The hotizontal arm is time, where things temporal come and go.
The vertical is the scale of intensities. Planets circle suns.
and stars comprise the galaxies which fill the cosmos. The flow

runs high to low in terms of Cause/Effect. A billiard ball
owes it's reason for being, to the game of pocket pool,
but owes it's body to the caster's mold. Two kinds of calls
account for it. One exists in time and space where physics rule.

The other's based in Consciousness, which comes from higher planes,
whose owner is preoccupied with things sensorial,
and doesn't have a view to where his snarky Ego reigns,
which doesn't want anything to change. No firm memorial

endures within his Mind, prodding him to push beyond his yawns
and slothful ways. Through weakness in one's Will, none can hold fast
to funding firm intent, much farther than next breath. All are pawns
with kingly airs, and have no clue, the world within is vast.