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Winding Down

The winter season's been both long and cold.
Here at the fire, I know my bones are old.
From out and about, to down and out,
the last few years, have mostly been a rout.
What have I learned? A moment's dalliance
can leave you dead. And Infinite Brilliance,
in all of us, is yes, one and the same.
Through bonehead bumps and bangs, I overcame
the urge to believe in magic things.
One shouldn't flap about without real wings!

Things that go wrong, can skelter up new ways
to glean a wide and wiser world view.
I've learned awareness in the long run,
pays 5 stars when one needs to sneak past shit.
Conscious souls, can get so much more done,
while bringing clearer thinking, love and wit,
to any view or venture. True caviar;
the Way, the Truth, the Life, and Morning Star.
When expertly beheld, the mind expands,
and for the first time ever, Understands.