Wild Blue

A set of rules that help to steer your search
for tools that really work, could help indeed.
A mind reconfigured, can find a perch
that better suits its vantage. To succeed

at this, a person comes to understand,
devotion and inventiveness are dire,
to liberate, re-shape and then expand
one's radiant Soul, inlit with savant's fire.

A conscious Self is competent to make
best guesses, better than a dopey one.
All efforts made to shake oneself awake,
alter the internal terrain. Outrun

by wreckage from too many deadbrain years,
the time comes when, with verve, we get real quick
or get real dead! We cannot shift the gears,
if nothing ever changes. To learn the trick

of bringing forth attentive expertise
to bear on moment NOW, is platinum.
The drifting mass of possibilities
through which we navigate, will stun one dumb,

if rules that shape our Being, are not applied.
There is a real grand scheme, though no one knows
its full extents. Spiritual cyanide,
it is, to miss this. Pointless waste and woes

attend a Soul's demise. Real Book of Life stuff!
To pass from earth without a frigging clue
as to just why we came, ensures our guff
leaves us bereft, of soaring the wild blue.