If absolutely no one can be found
as you conduct a search for self within,
what does this mean? You're now on holy ground!
If someone answers up, you can be sure
you've found a double dealing devil's twin.
whose focused goal is scattering manure.

Like legs immersed, but torso dry in air,
Your spirit, "I", has aspects none can view.
One's senses too, are mostly unaware
of 'goings on', diverse and infinite,
on other planes and scales. In this milieu,
the monkey brain's unfit to see things right.

Identity's provisional, at best.
As names and pkaces change, so too, the stars.
The soul, whose home is in your head and breast,
has one foot in eternity. One's heartbeat, breath
and stream of thought, comprise particulars
whose source, is yet the same, as waits past death!