White Noise

I know that it's cliche to say that life
can be so beautiful, we humans don't
have words. True too, just like the two-edge knife,
this life can be so murderous and bleak,
that we abandon all pursuits, and won't
attempt to climb the inner mountain's peak.

Its fair to say that most don't care a whit
to know authentic truths. They'd rather muse
on myths, whose barmy yarns portray a skit
whose dramas played two thousand years ago.
For them, this show contains all needed views
for every truth they'd ever hope to know.

Of course, the universe, whose endless sprawl
negates all silly homespun spin, still awes
the rest of us. Not bounded by a wall
of white noise wake, we're free to see the bare,
unbranded and aloof eternal laws
that galaxies and sub-atomics share.