So far, I'm unable to obtain funding to manufacture this game professionally. I'm a 66 yr. old disabled
vet, and from my powerchair, I've only managed to make a few sets of pieces with my 3D printer.
The cost in terms of time is prohibitive to my making and selling these pieces to turn a profit.
So, my only recourse is to sell the 3D .gcode files. This small library has ready to print gcode that
will produce all 48 pieces. My provisional patent runs out Oct. 9, 1918. Unless sdomeone will
Kickstart this, by funding 3 workhorse 3D printers, these files are all I can offer at this time.
They are public domain and can be duplicated at will. I learned how to make and print these models from
instructions I followed on Youtube. If you havea 3d printer, or have been thinking of getting
into it, (and you'd like far more from your Chess playing) consider purchasing these files.
I will include a file for printing the board, and the rules, plus, call me if Q's on the game or 3D. or
(investment inquiries welcome)