Where Did You Say?

Tt may be true that we're just passing through this world of woe,
but what we do and learn here, is the reason why we came.
The task to flip the poles of Soul before we go,
is sabotaged by pirate bums seeking Ego's fame,

wealth and bossman power. Too often its too late before
we shake our sleep, and work to make a semblance of a quest
to re-vector how we parse this world. This holy mortal chore
benefits one's Being, both sides of the veil. The best

most zesty sentience on the scale of Intelligent Presence,
occurs beyond the spin of Earth. But here, its not IQ
that counts, but pipes and wiring through the bumpwall nonsense,
to carry the flow of Essence to Aims that we pursue.

Re-valuation rocks! The way we vet and verify events
that come before our nose, determines what we'll later see.
Crap in crap out. An accurate accounting of extents,
both girds the mind and sharpens up its claws, lest some Marquis

de Sade of empty words gets you in his clutches. But best
of all, a stable order to right usage of our assets,
is set in stone. Faith is a tool, not blind and god obsessed.
Blest be he whose knowledge underpins his quest. Secrets,

dark and damn, unwholesome, and buried extra deep, need Light
that comes when certain mental acts are done. It really does,
Have Faith in that! We think that we are owed, but thats not right.
We are the ones that owe. We don't acknowledge debt because

we're busy with prosaic pursuits, whose little treats we chase.
The monumental task to clear away the attitudes
that keep us from our rightful place beneath the gaze of Grace,
is why we owe. Repayment of this weighty debt eludes

most men, because they've taken pains to shun their duty
behind the masks of 'I' and 'me'. The face of Goodness rules,
the face of Truth enlightens, and the pure face of Beauty
lifts and inspires. But I and Me are foolsgold costume jewels.

I and me are but tools, that something uses to have its way
bilking the energies meant for waking the angel within us.
Persona is a parasite that forms within the clay
of humans coming to be. To begin, it's presence is a plus.

It helped us to survive the rash and clattering cyclone
of early life. Adaptability, it helped us learn.
Adolescence hardened tricks and gimmicks into stone,
and puberty loosed an ocean of things for which to yearn.

Persona eats our energies. 'you're not the one you thought
you were, but are the one that thought it.' Like an amulet,
this notion carries truth that always works, when the life plot
grows tentacles and threatens to absorb us, lest we forget.