A Shot of Weed B Gone

"A garden patch, dug free of weeds", is how
Besant described the right state to begin
one's move toward Light. This means one must disavow,
uproot and toss, what Christians have called sin.

'Weeds' are construed as thoughts and deeds that feed
a wrong front-end facade. Impresions fed
through this machine, conform to fit that creed,
agreed to by, the false one in your head.

Completely different apparatus can
be brought to be, and built by Self's own hands.
If one would find and follow clear commands
that come from studies of the inner man,

a new set of ideas, will raid that place,
where habits locked in slumber occupied.
Repent, from Greek, means 'turn of mind.' The Grace,
that questing thinkers seek, comes from inside,

when certain percepts are applied and link.
Toward this end, all men were bred to rise,
and orient themselves to swim, or sink.
A means by which, Earth's best souls learn to think

exists but must be sought. It is not sold
at dogma's pharmacy, nor found by acts
of sacrifice. Strong work through time can mold,
full, true Self, whose engines run on facts.