Watch Tower

Two ladies from the local Kingdom Hall
knocked on my door. You might ask why I let
them in, but feeling philosophical,
I did the deed. So, after pleasantries,
the senior partner told me not to fret.
"God watches over all, and even sees

how Satan tricks and tries to steal the show."
Playfully, I switched from this and said,
" Where is this god? He looks through walls?" "Oh-no,"
she said, " He watches down from Heaven's Gates."
I sprung. "I'm sure that Jesus said, instead,
Within your heart is where God's Kingdom waits."

You should have heard the flutter and the flap
as two Good Books were ransacked to refute
this blasphemy. Though it's in Luke, my trap
had worked, too well. She shot a look of warning
to her friend, then said, "Oh, it's time to scoot."
They left "Awake!", and bid me a "Good morning."