Jolly Roger

Before one really knows his Soul's divine,
with future business in a better place,
He acts the same as pirates, whores and swine.

With dogma fit for children, men embrace
old fishy myths, where logic knows no line.
Their lust and greed outpace their love of Grace,
before they figure out, the Soul's divine.

Of higher mind, most people show no trace,
uncurious to know life's grand design.
The vapid fantasies which most men chase,
confirm their lives as shiftless human swine.

Not for, but by his sins, a man's disgrace,
arises from the wreckage and decline
in how a sin contaminates the space
his life plays out. In short, he shits the shrine.

Before they really know the Soul's divine,
most folks are proud to be barbaric swine.