The Veiled Trail

The reason why I write about those heights
that men who seek might reach, has much to do
with gains that bring humanity new lights.
New modes of self-awareness engender deep
and searching quests, resulting in a slew
of ways to shake awake from walking sleep.

This universe of black and endless space
with stars a million trillion strong, should clue
the densest mental slob. Earth is the place
our little lives of paltry years play out,
against unspeakably vast tracts of view.
This should, if nothing else, make men devout.

For roles beyond mere apes, men were designed
to vertically evolve. Consciousness rules.
Powerful eyes develop in the mind,
and wisdom stirs empathy in the heart.
Small wins in self-repair, bring tools and jewels
that further serves the Soul-redemptive art.

Consider this: that day will surely come
we grasp at our last look, and gasp that breath
that ends our life. If we were bright or dumb,
keen or numb, this fate is still the same.
Though just my take; It's better to greet death
with a wise heart, and not with sluggard's shame.