The Real Value

when you pass from the Earth, do you believe that Paradise
awaits, and your reward is there, tied up with ribbon and bow?
As daydreams go, not bad. As likely, not so good. Think twice,
before you buy this pix. You'll trade your tools, and chance to know

Divinity, for a divan to lounge your lazy ass upon.
As unenlightened fodder for the jaws of Life's machine,
the vast majority of folks will find the gold is gone
when they pass on, and learn the afterlife can be quite mean.

Now, we all know I've not been dead, so 'How the hell can I know'?
you might well ask. I don't . . ., but only imbeciles and and jerks
will miss the signs that show, there's much more to the ebb and flow
on Earth, than meets the eye. If there are any heavenly perks

they'll come as rebirth in a state appropriate to what you've learned
of Goodness, Truth and Beauty. With thirteen trillion stars out there,
smart bookies say, you'll get the future, with the features, that you've earned.
"Work out your own salvation", St. Paul said. You are the heir

to what you've done while here. 'One size fits all', does Not depict
ordeals which all must undergo. As Karma's selective eye
assigns the means it takes to teach your mind how to evict
ideas, beliefs and attitues that contradict, deny

and defy, our single task is to engage and follow through.
Temptation to diverge from this, is rampant all around,
by things to own, to wear, to drive, to drink, carrouse and screw.
Small wonder its the wild times that win, not the profound.