Unseen Current

Like rice in the wind, with chaff blown clean, a Spirit once freed
from Persona's gulag, ventures ever deeper through regions of Mind
to find unity with ancestral energies of whose Soul, we are seed.
It's clear, not everyone wants more Light, or cares to try and find

the reason that we exist. More power to 'em, lemmings welcome friends.
Sadly, staid beliefs are more unwelcome than slobbering drunks.
At Life's 'end of trail' edge, agility and clarity extends
one's hope to cross where landing's are soft, and void of skunks.

Ruts are predictable and safe, and lazy fellas love 'em most.
One sperm from millions, battled to break the egg and score,
and that little guy derserves no less from me. Those ones who coast
without an effort to better their brains and batter the door,

are like manure, quite suitable to fertilize the swamp.
On the Grand Scale of evolved and conscious Being, not dead last,
most men out-rank insects. But not when they're given to pomp
and pageantry, or rituals and rites. These may as well be gassed.

They fill the sports arenas, cheer at rallies, NASCAR tracks
and dog and fashion shows. They look to churches to absolve
their guilty hearts, their greeds, their secret lusts and hates,
and most of all betrayal of their Souls. They lack strength and resolve

to properly accomplish anything, but strut about at DEFCON 5,
boasting their malarky and measuring their dicks.
One prize emerges from this Earth. The work done while alive
transforming Soul, at least will bring, a higher class of hicks,

next life (I hope!). The way we look at things, is clue to how
our turn of mind proceeds. Resist some stuff, accept some stuff,
and you'll see for yourself, how the process works. For now,
remind yourself, though work is hard , the road is real enough.