A human being seeking to distill
the cream of meaning from the daily churn,
must first elect a lens through which he will
define and analyse that which he'd learn.
Some choose mythology where figures of
enormous clout and sway, pontificate
perfection's path upon whose cobbles Love,
grows lean between men's brothers earthly fate.
Still others choose a doomed but distant perch
to ponder all the endless shades of grey,
and circling through "if's and or's", their search
for guides to the Eternal goes astray.
Those same men live their lives as in a dream
of Self's unending game- 'King of the Hill'.
Each day's onslaught brings on a steady stream
of gain to chase and enemies to kill.
In simple ignorance, most men assume
their knowledge of themselves is near complete.
Instead they read the Stars portents of Doom
and pray like puppies begging for a treat.
In challenging the inner point of view,
the proper question posed will free the Soul.
The Universe exists complete in you
as diamonds are the fate of common coal.