Doctor Mary Walker hated hoops
and bustle's bump, but corsets most of all.
As surgeon for the Union's northern troops,
two pistols would replace her parasol.
Her officers were nettled to behold
her home-sewn uniform of skirted pants,
but watched her face the muskets, brave and bold,
as her skilled hands gave men another chance.
Alleged to be a spy, ( she maybe was! ),
her capture by the rebels, sent her to
a prison camp, where suffering without pause
and men with rotting gashes, filled her view.
Compassionate, with zeal she gave her heart
to mend and heal the glut of bloody men.
Where God went blind, she plied her physic's art
and soldiers rose where broken souls had been.
Still the only woman to be conferred
this nations highest medal, standing tall
is Mary Walker, wearing her absurd
non-uniform, at task 'beyond the call'.