Unfurl and Hoist

You're not the one you thought you were, but are
the one who thought it. Take this as a sign,
for sure, there's more to life's bizarre bazaar
than what goes on behind its surface shine.

The pipedream of an afterlife of bliss,
does much to wreck all hope to ever gain
the grit it takes to climb from the abyss
where we began our calamitous campaign

to have our way, no matter what it takes.
Runs counter to some universal laws,
maybe, but we're determined, and mistakes
are for sissies, right? Effect and cause,

affect both thoughts and deeds. Seen from the side,
all things unfold the only way they can.
To sense the world under a halide scan,
would show what's truly precious, from what's died.

Intertwined Wants compete to grab the mike
and say 'I Am', to further its one aim.
Our Will is weak and must be stoked to strike
a death blow to Persona's bunko game.

A Consciousness, amped on a diet of right
transformation of Force, develops Will.
Without it, one can't hope to win the fight
for psyche's conscious light. To not fulfill

our existential quest, to wake and Be,
is treasonous to all that one holds dear.
Our spirit is the scion of Grace and free
to choose new truths, to follow and revere.

Enlightenment and liberation are
modes of Being we were born to bring to term.
The inner world of mind sports a north star,
and its steering and stead, are just as firm.