Under the Bus

We are the hottest, highest, single champion sperm
that ever beat four hundred million others to the Punch!
Here's something good to cheer about. That power squirm
of yours, blew you past the best of them. You ate their lunch!

You won it fair and square, so why the low degree of mood
and lack of breathless happiness? Its not your job, or spouse,
or lack of earthly gain. It's because there's something less than good
that's had its way in every room within your mental house.

It's ragged knife edge ugly when it wants to be,
but most the time contents itself to rob us 90-10.
It needs to be confronted, but lives where we csn't see.
It drives our thinking dark until it has us in its den,

where we believe we are the mask we wear, and die alive
long before our body's done. It takes a month of mondays
to merely gain a clue of what to do, and then we strive
breath to breath, year through year until the bad old ways

become extinct. Interlocking principles afford
an ironclad filter for distributing what goes where,
in one's system scheme of what means what. This leads toward
an orderly direction that itself presents a stair,

each step of which, brings new awarenesses, that feed the quest
to liberate the angel trapped within. Think about it some.
No other earthly purpose ranks as high. " I am not come
to destroy the law, but to fulfill." Jesus said it best,

" Not one jot or tittle of coniving bullshit shall pass
from the law, until all be fulfilled." This means that
False Persona, Ego, or any form of worshipping your Ass,
must be extinctified. An open mind and clear clean heart

emerge from rounding up and neutering the throng of wrong
and habit hardened points of view whose prodding we obey.
" I am the way, the truth and the life," seems the same song
that's sung by those who don't worship, but strive by night and day

to focus hard and learn the ropes that steer the ship of Soul.
From Cubscout to Captain, is just as far as Earth to Mars,
and those who want a deeper richer inner world, control
and work to learn the cosmic tricks, that came down from the stars.