Under Every Rock

Mirror reflections do not show there's countless more to see and know,
about the one whose looking. Many people only see a Jill or Joe,
but see no vestige of their maker's mark. They live in slums
within themselves, and make a science out of chasing crumbs.

The cosmic plan of which we're part, one can safely assume,
has benefits for both Divine, and Men who make true efforts.
(Those men who don't, just drift along until their heads go boom!)
As we attempt to fix the mess from early day cavorts,

new understandings, energize one's forward progess,
with new junctions and solutions never seen prior.
Real changes deep within, allow one to address this mess
with half a chance of some success at shaking yuck and mire.

Inner space within your mental home is in demand.
when you resolve some fubar POV, Vital new room
is made for concepts, fresh and agile, which strengthen your hand
to scrape life's insects off your screen, and better see through gloom.

The tools we use to verify what's true, were made when still a kid.
They worked back then, as challenges were either, yes or no.
Today, they can't identify tangential truths that lurk amid
the tumult that we make in life. Our fields are fallow,

the well is dry, and yet we lounge about as if dry dirt will feed
our starving Soul. Akin to reap and sow, if you don't plant
your seeds, plain rice and beans, much less a sweet exotic breed
of fruit, will not appear to nourish and transform your scant

and boney Being. Everything in nature eats, and those
without resource, become the food for bigger throats and teeth.
that chew up ass. Not rocket science this, but most still pose
like a porkchop, oblivious to the crocodiles underneath

the thin veneer of their beliefs. The Work that must be done
to realign the way we vett the inbound stream of life events,
intends to turn the mind to see, at root all things are One.
One flow, includes the universal sea, with its countless currents.

Blind and sideways to this flow, our rutted ways don't work so well,
and that's why men were meant to self-evolve. Norweigan smelt
would die when shipped to Spain. Some bright guy thought a catfish would compel
the smelt to swim or die. The 'bones' of this design is dealt

to men, such that self-motivated souls will rise and shine,
while those inclined to loiter and laze, are fodder for the mash.
Without the faith to see this life originates Divine,
no inner struggle will be made to separate from trash.