Names are like the sparkle, not the jewel.
They are the code that we use to keep track
of things, but not the things themselves. The quack
is not the duck. The sheep is more than wool.

When things arn't what we think they are, it sucks.
We trespass, when our answers are all wrong,
then suffer loss and pain that lasts so long.
Hands should be on the chicken when it clucks.

A different way to see the same old things,
creates an index quite unlike the rude
and stingy patterns Persona brings,
from childhood's coping arsenal, pre-chewed.

A way that works, to rightly see the state
a thing's related to, must take the place
of Ego's vett and value scheme. To rate
incoming sense-based fare, with Truth and Grace

as key stalwarts, assigning price and weight
a deeper brighter read is the reward.
When one sees for oneself, this is the Fate
we were born for, he'll sound a heavenly chord.