Two Plus Two

Belief is coasting, true Religion's work.
It's spoonfed easy, to consume pre-chewed,
though yucky, babyfood, and cool to skirk
a job of any kind. But don't delude

yourself, this is strong meat, not milk for tots.
Devotion means more about the grindstone,
and less about railroading freer thoughts
to limbo 'round some dogtrack dead brain zone.

If old thoughts worked, all lazy folk would cheer.
Completely new, describes the slap your knee,
sweet victory at razing the veneer
Persona rigs to mask reality.

The eggshell must be cracked before the chick
escapes its comfy confine walls to grow.
Morphing is the Universe's trick
to parse and change Creation's status quo.

Earnest work on self is non-denom,
as every soul is perfectly unique.
Thick dogmatists are quick to self-embalm,
cross eyes, then babble up a hooey streak.

Try thinking, that Truth has purposes beyond
the shallow ends of men? Might something Great
make use of this on scales that correspond
to dimensions beyoud our mental gate?

The profile of our karmic past might be
a key that fits some mystic cosmic lock.
Humans that gain some elevation will see
that Truth is Perfect, and runs like a clock.