As tin can't stop a bullet's streak as well as steel,
The same applies to weakness in the Mind, when hard rock facts
pound down like hail. Don't ever think that you're ideal,
the way you are. Dead wrong and lost, we should stop in our tracks.

The reason why, is that our shape is crosswise to 'Galactic Flow',
(A shorthand for the energies, far off the spectrum of our ken.)
The Christians played the sinner card, and met with Ego's wrath.
The engineer within, can see the fix we're in, but when

he speaks, he finds no ear to hear. The thunder rolling from
the ruckus raised by clashing, masked amygdalas, drowns out
his call. As 'garbage in, gives crazy out,' no truth can come
when all men ploy the same ol' song and dance. Folks lie about

their strength and fortitude. They claim they can, then prove they can't,
but still they lie. Very few can follow through, and do.
Attachments trump wayward whims at every turn. Power is scant,
but mouths stay stocked with tales of feats, bluster and ballyhoo

that end with sucking sounds and nauseous heaves of self-praise.
How in the name of all that makes sense, can one expect to gain
a seat at the table, witn a bumpkin's brain? Our lies become a maze
without a map, and trapped within a swamp without a drain,

we'll make a pointless meal for a rock-head soulless croc. (ba-bye!)
If we don't rid ourselves of deep delusions and wished for dreams,
we'll not eradicate the roaches nest behind the eye,
nor end those weary visits to steel fist extremes.