A Turtle on its Back

A friggin' war, against constraints enforced
by childhood's ancient scarecrow brain,
must be imposed. Until we are divorced
from this machine, no end to loss and pain

will dog one's days. With enterprise, the mind
can bring new tools and fuels to stock ones shelf.
It's true, that most don't know that they are blind
to potentcies within their deepest Self.

All men were meant, through conscious work, to roll
away the stone of ignorance, and rise.
In goodness, love and truth, the human Soul
is joined with energies that brighten eyes

to grasp, decipher and apply new laws.
A change of Being, occurs when certain turns
of central things, can spot and re-pair flaws
of thought. A brighter mind rightly discerns

proportion, balance and degrees.
A dimmer one dramatically reacts
and spawns fresh stumble stones. The fantasies
that we've allowed to falsify Life's facts,

victimize the very soul whose plight
we hoped to heal. Until one grips the reins,
and steers toward clearer conscious Light
he'll co-sign to enjoy a thousand pains.