There is a turning all of us must learn
before our end of days. A pensive soul
is nine tenths there, and has no grave concern.
But those who hide corpse-like behind their name,
exist to guard their cobbled totem pole
of best beliefs, where truth is just a game.

Look 'round a bit. This world is home to ten
million types of animals. Microbes
thrive in ocean, sky and snow. Even men
have walked this earth for many million years.
Through out the universe, numberless globes
like ours, spin 'round a jillion solar spheres.

It's not an accident that humankind
is chartered to upgrade it's conscious state.
A self-willed turn toward cleansing heart and mind
must be achieved, or else the quantum leap
to wiser karmic ways, won't be ones fate,
and one's ancestral line will die in sleep.