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Traveller 1

That magic day you found your way around
the block, lives on. A grand heroic deed,
that through the years has led you to profound
discoveries. A bicycle, then cars,
and planes, lent jets to dreams. Someday, a steed
of streamline steel will blast you to the stars!

Magellan walked the bridge of Trinidad,
envisioning he'd cross the Earthern sphere,
then round the other side. Men thought him mad,
but in his mind, a shining road that showed
new truth to him above all sense of fear,
inspired how he'd crack this planet's code.

Odysseus came home, and so do we.
A lifetime round and through this world of change,
should end with men awake enough to see,
Eternal Grace, not owned of any clique,
omniscient, without a name and strange,
recieves the dead, but celebrates the quick.