Transfer in Channel

To trudge along, unmindful that the essence of one's Soul
and Being is Divine, should wedgify our shorts, and fill us with alarm.
If one can't see a Trump truth liklihood, that Life comes with a goal
to reach, while here on Earth, sadly confirms infernal harm

is already done. How meaningful a life has been, depends
on the degree to which one can bring about a total turn
of traits that dominate, right now. Face down in dividends
derived from playing ball with sharks and swine, it's hard to learn

a higher art. The blossoms announce themselves with bright
spring petals. Does the Soul announce itself in paradise?
If True pride in our Real Estate were gold, would I be right
to say, you missed a payment on your mule? The ransom price

to buy a jail break, we don't possess. In fact, we're broke
from squandering what paltry gifts we came here with. The one
and only thing we have to sacrifice are lies we've told to keep
the seams of dreams intact. Arrogance and pride, outrun

by fear and glutton's greed, bum-rush the babe, and drink its blood.
It's luxury, to hold a grudge at every jab and peck.
Big cheese preeminence forbids forgiving any pud
so dumb to cross the line. We leave him with a twisted neck!

Energy to rise is rare, and yet the hordes spend like they're rich.
Who knows how long and costly preparations were, for you
to come to Earth to ply your shoulder to the wheel? The glitch
occurred when Narcissus ran off and broke his mirror. He knew

he'd never see the beauty he was looking for, and so he told
the looser-brains, they should love him because he was
the Only One. This whopping canard has kept us in the cold
for centuries. WE fell FOR IT and turned it into Laws.

The culture bought it and Kim Jung Un is proof. So's Trump,
but neither's good nor bad, they're just delusively asleep,
and stretching wide the sphincters of their bullship pump.
The bulk of us, as is, are just another form of sheep

suitable to fuel the Life machine. Only too few will rise
above the scat and chatter. So, if you find your on
the fabled road to higher Light, learn to use your ears and eyes
to cram your Mind with Good and Truth, unto its final neuron!