Transcendent Knowing

If you're convinced you already know, how will you ever acquire
v new knowing? You can not feed a mind that's closed, nor convey clear
bright colors to the blind. This certainty of yours, misfires
when you think hard enough, and prove it to yourself, the sheer

infinitude of existential possibilities,
is impassable, and cancels your dear opinion being true.
Is your 'knowing' adept and powerful to fabricate and seize
the ripchord of your dreams? As most confine their 'knowing' to

NASCAR or below, few venture out beyond the fire's light.
A special need to know real Truth exists, because we lie so much,
and lose ourselves in realms of thoughtless excess. Instead of flight,
and freedom, it's facedown and sightless, and numb to the touch.

Many are called, but few there are, who choose to turn their mind
away from swamp bogs formed, when a child's brain was in control.
Failure to enact this move, assures rebirth in a life less kind,
so that you'll work to be less blind, to earn a sinless Soul,

(that's needed elsewhere in the Galaxy.) So low in scale,
of Conscious scope and options, a man disposed to disregard
the sense of vertical, beyond a bump to head, will fail.
A raised psychology requires a body be on it's guard,

to vet impressions with an eye for density and scale.
A baby doesn't recognize a burglar at the sill.
The ways one sees and knows this world, are the real Holy Grail,
obtained through time and efforts made to fortify the Will.