Toehold on Eternity

That spark, which we call 'I', is not one's sole identity.
It lives by grace of deeper, richer forces that include it.
We think we are one 'I', that owns all thoughts implicitly,
and act as if our moves were based on Will alone. To quit

belief in this, is kick-ass hard, as we are so identified
since two or three, and everyone is sick with the plague of 'me'.
Underneath this sham charade, real 'I''s a tool that's rarely plyed
to serve the silent wiser one who shares our psychic tree.

The character of one's 'me' identity, is one and the same
as victim, liar, thief and fraud. Behind this precious twit
self known as 'me', is true identity without a name.
Until one's 'me' is disengaged from calling shots, no bit

of higher mind will share true light. One's 'me' is artifice
acquired over time, and fouls the fragile workings of the Soul.
The attitude, 'too cool for you', becomes a very costly vice
when Consciousness and 'Heaven's Kingdom' are one's goal.

Learn to see from distance, how 'me' pokes 'I' to carry out its schemes.
One's 'me' over time, becomes Persona, that works it from both ends.
"Poor me," the victim wails. I'll kick your ass!" the badass screams.
These, and other thugs, drain one's life force and spend

one's days, beleaguring and mixing up their host, unmindful of the cost.
To scuba dive with empty tanks, depicts a metaphor
much like what waits, when people pass from Earth to halocaust.
A Soul that's made by living Truth, is welcomed all the more,

at where our Death delivers us. Ancestral energies
wait anxiously, with hopes their boys and girls bring the right stuff
back home. This last is an analogy of one's activities
before demise; and so the work you do had better be enough!