Today's Lesson

Now listen, class. Today we'll talk of death.
As you can see, our Rick's agreed to sit
beside this corpse, (lent kindly by Last Breath
Interment Home). For now, we'll call him Schmidt.

Between these two, what's not the same? What beam
is missing from poor Schmidt, but lights the eyes
of Ricky? (Blink those baby blues and gleam
a bit for those in back.) When that spark dies,

nobody knows exactly where it goes,
except for Schmidt, but talkative, he's not!
What mystery is it whose sparkle glows
through life and animates our human lot?

Is there a tool by which the human mind
can puncture this hard nut? Great Ones have trod
atrociously rough roads with hopes to find
a soul's rosetta stone that leads to God.

Where science hems and haws, religions guess
when tasked for an account. We owe our fate
a fearless look within to gain success
sightling new truths from this unplumbed estate.

Let's all thank Rick for proving he's alive,
and Schmidt can now resume eternal rest.
Give thought to this material which I've
put forth. For all but Schmidt, expect a test!