Timing Rules

There is a bird that's born within a tree
inside a hole the mother seals. The chick
is programmed to peck his way out when he
feels instinct's nudge. His sibling chicks all try
to patch the cracks he makes. It's nature's trick
to push the one and stall the other guy.

If in your skills or craft, you've ever felt
arrested or shotdown, make bold your heart.
That stuff or thing that you create, has dwelt
within the canyons of your deepest being,
and waits its right time for release. Your art
endures and suffers for its far-zone seeing.

Though, Tesla's AC broke the grip of night,
and his electric motor gave the force
to revolutionize the plodding plight
of men, he died obscure and destitute.
Few monuments describe him as the source
in whom the modern age beholds its root.