Time and Tao will Tell

Small wonder we don't know beans about
the real Divine. We're busy chasing stars
our eyes are dazzled by, and we've tossed out
the gyroscope, as we blast off for Mars.

Divinity is not a bellhop boy
that one snaps for, to answer prayers, chop-chop.
Headwaters for the Angel Falls of Joy,
these mystic energies, crackle and pop

in perfect unison on every scale
of Being, through out the endless universe.
The province of this astral force can't fail
to boggle flat brain monkey minds. The curse

of cloroformed sleeptime, exacts a cost
that nothing save a cranium chock full
of new ideas, will recover what's been lost.
So long, our lips have gripped the breast of bull,

we now decline to learn and know the role,
for which all men were bred, then born to play.
When we take actions to improve the Soul,
we fall in step with what the Taoists say,

is the one eternal way toward whole
and true completion of the cosmic quest,
( see wiki ). Full enlightenment's the goal
and fucking Life, is just the acid test!