The Ticket

Between the mundane plane of earth, and higher mysterial plane
that sometimes can be sensed by conscious men, a man must rid
himself of inner fleas and ticks, that drive his thoughts insane.
Not literal, of course, but pissant distractions plague his bid

to know himself as kin to things Divine. The colors and shapes
and motions of the outside realm, also have effect
on how we process what we feel and see. Inherited from apes,
we have an all too ready rage, to lavish on those whom we suspect

are buggering a sacred cow of ours. This will never do.
You can see for yourself eviction of this lawless slob
is not an easy task. Success at this comes only to a few,
because addiction to dumb worthless ways, subverts the job.

All men are not the same from birth. Its true, the world outside
affects the way they come to be the men they are, but what
is bundled with the baby's brain, has elements that hide
ancestral karmic factors that play out beneath the glut

of onstacles and wreckage our wrong-mindedness can wreak.
It matters not what any may think, a presence with its own
imperatives exists within, but deep beneath our weak,
incompetent self management and awareness. The zone

our turd fed brain resides, has no easy path to Grace.
Self-extrication from one's madman's mess, permits access
to good things meant for students seeking knowledge of the place.
A gong the size of Kansas couldn't wake those who profess

religious certainties. Fifty million hungry kids can't shake
a billionaire awake from greedy slumbers in his golden jail.
And no amount of reason brings Light, to members of the GOP.
How change is possible, should be ones only holy grail.