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Think Through Walls

"Although my eyes could see, I still was blind",
"Although my brain could think, I still was mad."
These lyrics from 'My Wayward Son', when combined
with non-religious thoughts of higher mind,
suggest a new cosmology. Too rad
for anyone, who thinks that God, behind
the scenes, is pulling puppet strings. The sad
truth is, when people's hopes are intertwined

with untrue things, calamities ensue.
Clearer consciousness will display the lies
we buy and sell, which beat us black and blue.
We must ignite the fuse and shock the eyes
to throw the shutters back They'll see the prize
of deeper wisdom's ways, will re- construe
true order to the stew of yuck we brew.
Passionate devotion to what's real and true.

eliminates long trips to flatbrain-land.
Before rhat this can be, a first off goal
to know at least two 'tiers of Being' firsthand,
must be set fast in stone. One's unseen soul,
shown truth, becomes the organ of control.
More consciousness fuels mind to understand,
only when focused fully to command
the Will, can things become re-woven Whole.