Whose Manning the Mirror?

Globally, within all faiths, almost
all heads have thoughts, about the sense and scape
of humankind. (But, nevermind their host
has not appeared incarnate, since an ape

first swung through trees!). Exactly what we are,
none know. So that I don't create a wrong,
destructive likeness of the truth, I bar
'belief' and 'wish', from traveling along,
when consciously, I ponder and parse out
the doings of my day. The rock hard rules
for strengthening one's psychic grip and clout,
arise of plying Virtue's tools and jewels.

Devotion to the goals we set, must be
for real. Worship and praise will not
reform one's weak attention span, nor free
the snags and snarls, bedeviling one's Thought.

Wake up! You're not the one you thought you were,
but are the one who thought it! This divide
is perfect proof that there, beyond the blur,
Soul's eyes await the death Jeckyl/Hyde.