Tangle and Comb

I cannot force, nor spin this world around,
as I'd like to. The cause that makes this so,
is ceaseless changes overwhelm and confound
my straining brain, always past reach. Although

completely powerless, I choose to lie
and tell myselt, I'm under-firm control.
While I do this, I cannot fathom why,
as 'wrongs' disrupt the balance in my soul.

Like swatting down flowers, by my own hand,
I do betray my best, and so do you.
We are asleep, so do not understand
the fictions we employ are toxic poo.

This status quo, sporting gridlock and chains
cannot improve. You must take up the reins.


Even if I want my way real bad,
convinced that I'm deserving and the best,
its still blind luck that makes me glad or sad,
and accident that makes or breaks my quest.

I've learned, unless I am without complaint,
in no way can I see what's real or right.
I'm biased and unmindful of the taint
I bring, each time I'm negative or fight

Lately. Ive come to see a perfect way
to coexist with those who block the road.
Dull people say things like " not in my day,
not here, not now". I've come to talk in code

and mostly speak with those folks keen to know
true things about our mystic inner glow.