Between your inmost you, and life, a mesh
of your design, overlays the portals
through which all new impressions flow. The fresh
and uncorrupted aspects of how mortals

nourish their souls, ends misdigested, louse
infested goo, that screws the gyroscope.
This skew, will wreck the day, if we don't rouse
our pilot from his sleep! Don't be a dope,

and miss the chance to make that mind between
your ears legit. Attachments, like rock piles
up to the neck, will keep our choices lean
and bring fresh severity to our trials.

The universe is vast, time here is brief.
Many mansions host the God machine,
which moves beyond all concept and belief,
to give our Being breadth. Wise and serene,

our eyes and ears transform mundane events
to apt and worthy values, based on Good.
Distilling truth to make strategic sense,
allows a soul to blossom as it should.