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Swine Tail

Unless a person struggles to depose
the ego brain, he'll wither and erode.
its certain that exposure to psychic lows
augments the joys of Helen Keller mode.

A wet brain drunk doesn't have much to crow
about, compared to just how out of it
a spirit without aim, can get. This woe
is permanent and primo cream of shit.

The need is real, and quite the ten ton task,
long work for everyone to some degree.
Some think, that they can hide behind a mask,
and swindle doom, while posing piety.

Its 'clogged vein' serious to the Soul!
Ego tells lies, has rabies, and zero shame.
Without your full complicity, its toll
will frag your heart, and you'll deserve all blame.

In time, we learn to shape our own sanity.
Since clarity is better than bog mud,
and evil hordes of dark humanity,
roam zombie like, lusting to swill your blood,

its time to make a stand. One's Conscious brain
provides real means to gain true self-control.
To keep an aim, all that's brittle and vain
must be weed-wacked away. There is a troll

within us all, who needs to disappear.
big time! These focused goals are hard, and take
until the end of days. But slowly, the dread and fear
melts into strength, by which our Spirit's wake.

Through Self-remembering, a man creates
deep consciousness. Done many times each day,
consistently, reflective wakened states
commonly come and go, and yes, some stay.