As reindeer face the coastal winds to gain
relief from biting flies, so too the soul
must rise above its constant churning brain,
to claim true holy ground and take control.

Distractions dart about, and plague the crew
that works within oneself, to stablize
that pillar which provides, a height of view.
With shades and depth, the fictions and the lies

appear as what they are, no sugarcoat.
Extinction of this breed is requisite,
if ever, we're to duck incoming shit,
and pry Persona's fingers from our throat.

Gravity is effortless, and acts
much like those minds that drift, and fiddle fart.
Easy, isn't always best and lacks
the foil, by which great men perfect their art,

and glorify their hearts. Lazy is not
excusable, but rank insideous crime.
Those who won't generate new paths for thought
to elevate, soon lose the means to climb.

Their dead-weight drags on bolder better souls,
who might have over-topped the rock faced walls
that stall us all. Of Life's most vital goals,
the shiftless One, must be tossed off the falls!