Beyond the Swamp

All children of the sunstar, must look deep
within themselves. and see we are asleep.
Every last thing is co-related with
all shapes of things. No fantasy or myth
points out the stairs that rise beyond mundane.
Sustained intelligent repair of flaws
in thought and attitude, restore the brain
to function in accord with cosmic laws.

By cancelling reactions, the native flow
of conscious mind, resumes its wending way
without impediment. One comes to know,
disruptions are Persona's way to play.

Deplorable habits strangle the mind,
and doom the soul within, to never rise.
A man must find a way to see behind
the misdirections, Ego sells his eyes.

Emotional baggage hurled to and fro,
demolishes all constructs meant to tag
and banish all fools who wolf-whistle Woe.
Dramas are such a whacko, tacky drag!

To miss the mark in life, is not a crime,
but dawdling in the dead ends, kills your time.