Light Below the Stream

The Bible gets a rap from those who Think. Because low spark
minds condemn their Souls to roam the badlands of Belief,
smart men are wary, and shun what seems to be a hungry shark
intending lunch to be their brain. An idiot in chief
is not the destiny of one desiring to transcend.
Going to Heaven happens Here, and Work is how you get there!
Afterlife in Happy land may be, but backslide is the trend.
From dragon to dove, the change is slow. He lives in his lair
quite at home in your head, and doesn't want to hear
you tell the truth upon yourself. When ears hear mouth proclaim
a fact about ones inner state, especially when fear
or violent darkside POV is learning light, a tame
and friendly change blends deep, and understanding flows.
This stokes the grist mill, which then transforms the Dove.
When read aright, this book is far too eloquent, for those
heavy with opinions on things that they know not of.
The skeleton of each parable contains a deeper prose
intended as a guide for reaching source of Light ond Love.
Devotion to a faith, is not the same as your skills and Will,
doggedly applied to rid the mind of obsolete,
and useless ways. Where present, these become the poison pill
that keeps one deep in Slumberville face down in the street.