Stoneless Church

Stoneless Church

The chance to own a woken Soul is written in our fate,
though most ignore the call, preferring not to work or seek.
Full Consciousness requires humility comeasurate
to how a speed bump bows in awe when shown a mountain peak.

Our kind are not equipped to know what waits beyond our ken,
That way, a level field is where we all begin to strive
to actualize our goals. Some learn to soften up their yen
for worldly wares, and choose to taste Divine, while yet alive.

Meaning is the medium by which the Truth conveys
essentials for the mind to gauge. One's parsing codec vets
all life elements it sees, and sorts them up in ways
that suit the grade and size of mesh, that tie one's psychic nets.

The capability to clearly understand, and know,
with gigs of mental cache to boot, can't help but elevate
one's inner perch. The wider view shows ripples of the flow
of things with links and ties. New densities and depths, de-create

the ancient temples stone by stone, and build a holy dome
of Goodness, Truth and Beauty's Light. The priest performs.
a rite known as, 'physician, heal thyself'. Our psychic home
has a secret steeple high above all mortal storms.