Stolen Flow

Stolen Flow

Ever had a friend in whom you like some sides, but not
but not some other sides? You like his wit, but not his politics.
You like her sense of style, but not so much she talks a lot.
If you tell a guy that parts of him are bad, you'll get your licks,

because he fancies that he's one unchanging self. Your crit
of him is taken as attack. He reads it as a slam
meant to include the whole of him, not just a little bit.
We all have many sides, some are pleasant, some rancid ham.

Beneath our mask, we are a seething multiplicity,
and not a one-off king or queen. Asleep to this Truth, we get
spittin' mad when someone doesn't recognize our unity,
and tries to target that aspect, that makes them ill and upset.

Most people see that everyone has several different poles
to which they fly when something goes awry. The shifty 'I',
all wear at any time, acts out imaginary roles,
to counter challenges from life. We deny and justify

all words that undermine our perfect pose, and failing that
resort to slur and fury. Either 'I want' or 'I don't want'
type thoughts, intrude at will and snatch the mike. If we work at
mastering precepts which widen the mind, a self-evolved savant

makes itself felt by kicking at the walls that surround it.
This embryonic journey launched, before our human world came,
and moves on when the body bites the dust. Though profound, its
incumbent on the ones who live, to amplify this aim,

and aid in any way they can. Devotion here might snare
certain timeless axioms by which one's mental mess corrects.
Our mission should we choose, will take consistent efforts where
the vices of Persona reigns. One's character defects

find refuge from the cleansing blade of common sense, because
one's waking sleep, and self-made mask of faultless sanctity,
fucks with the Truth. The odds are way against ol'Santa Claus,
and near as bad, that you will muster gumption fit to flee

the doomsday road you're on. The self-love keeps a fantasy
in play, that beguiles and charms your vanity and pride.
'Lose much force, waste much time', describes Persona's treachery
as Ego milks the energies Life brings you on the tides.