What moves you through this life of hours and days?
Your face and form, in truth, are both on loan.
You did not make yourself. Your hair, your gaze,
the words you use, do not belong to you.
Your hands and feet and smile, are not your own,
and everything you do is not yours, too.

The energy that steers your body's quest
to find the food and warmth that keeps you well,
enjoys no formal name. Within your breast
it beats yout heart and breathes. Its zeal and zest
create for you your touch and taste and smell,
plus all of life your eyes and ears digest.

Biology aside, these loans and gifts
fortuitously serve a deeper plan,
whose incremental stepped success uplifts
a sleeping soul to self-transcndent bliss.
The tasks of Hercules wait for each man
to don the yoke and start attaining this.