Step up

Step up

The most significant of verbs in the language of Light
is working to learn to turn the mind away from power drains
that suck the psychic forces from the Will. One's mental might
is gauged in terms of clarity of Consciousness, and gains

in reclamation of the inner terrains once owned by greed,
false pride and fear. Transvaluation of all the things, one takes
as bottom line precious and prized, must needs become one's creed.
To find what's truly worth a damn in every choice one makes,

assures a future smoother than the sleepster's face each day.
The human herd on Earth is here not by an accident.
How? It doesn't matter, but there's a plan that points the way
to self-salvation and deliverance, and that is what is meant,

"Man, know thyself". Plato knew that there was so much more
to do before an interface with Grace might be laid down.
Our ignorance and arrogance are thick, and block the door
to inner lofts of paradise, and we are doomed to drown

in ethicless no-meaning sludge. The Being that we are
was meant to learn and grow, much like an oak with sky-bound limbs.
Smart money says, this life is part of something quite bizzare
to human senses, but quite real. Our sentience only skims

the surface of a sea that's bottomless. The quality
and sweetness of our sense of joy, hinges on how deep
our understanding penetrates this mystic sea.
Our habits and hungers control our psychic state, and keep

all work to wake, tooling through la-la. 'Meaning' is the cure,
where freedom's been swindled and swallowed by Persona's lies.
The Truth exists apart from monkey grunts, and does for sure
bestow it's balm on all, except who stir the pot and dramatize.

She has a chill surprize, for all who falsely claim her name.
The laws of entropy command decay, and what you came
to Earth to resurrect just rots away, while you prance and play.
The road is grim, and gray's the gate, to gain Life's rainbow ray.