All Life has purpose and meaning beyond the commonplace
concerns of finding food and shelter from the wind and rain.
No facts are known about what happens after Death's embrace,
but sure as Hell, the clues are there which show a higher plane.

An implicate and absolute structure and order exists
the same in every mind. Regardless of the idiots
who feast upon the meaningless, the form and fit persists
as well, for geniuses, and masterminds with soaring thoughts.

It's like a car that can be tricked, and treasured as a prize,
or one the owner drives into the ground. This chariot
has wings the driver doesn't know about, meant for far skies
with deeper blues than ours. A goal for those who don't know squat,

is challenging oneself to come awake and be aware.
then ask, "can I become more mindful, and be from deeper down,
aware of being aware? This psychic shelf of high and low, is where
new knowledges can make sagacious, he who was a clown!

"For who by taking thought can add an extra inch in height?"
the Bible asks. "Things happen in the only way they can,"
asserts Gurdjieff. Understanding these, gives Conscious Light
a full time home. These words are true, and prove there is a plan,

deep wired beneath the frazzled day-worn brain's thin grasp of things.
As near as I can tell, all human life is but a stage
in the plans of some bigger, something else. Because the process brings
folks nearer to, or further from the goal point on the guage,

it's certain that a better way exists, preferred by Fate.
Deciding what that is, and to what lengths one's Soul will go
to bring it home, becomes the single-most profound debate
each man must have before he dies. 'To know, you know you know,'

should be the Holy Grail, for which all searchers seek. Those brains
who yearn for less, will likely stall before they cross the great divide.
Preparing Self for future 'touch and goes', with maybe gains
in Grace-ish terms, isn't crazy at all. There Is an other side,

and if I'm wrong, who cares? At least I tried. New fate awaits.
What ever that might be, at least I'm focused, on top of my game.
But if I am not wrong, I'll be prepared to meet new states
of Being, without a hiccup of a hitch. Surpassingly tame

and rollicking with Love for every living thing, a mind
inclined to 'seize the day,' might reap a ten fold gain in bliss.
Out of respect for pain, I say, 'do not be left behind
when death-god comes to call. As metaphor, a black abyss

serves well to show the fate awaiting those who could care less
about discovering new depths of meaning to their Being.
Allowing lies to permeate beliefs about self's worth, makes stress
for everyone you love and hate and fear. A new way of seeing

the same old world, have got to be erected. As prideful ways
create delusion and self-willed blindness, broken kneecaps
still are not enough to slow the rascal down. A fatal blaze
of Pride's estate with Vanity, must burn before relapse

to lower states, no longer howls at night. When one can walk
through Life, without the need to justify oneself, he's coming from
a higher perch attained through work on Self. Being wrong, will shock
us all to hear, is key to finding right. Change can not come

if someone's always right, and things can go no deeper here.
"I tell you that they have reward," was spoken to explain
the Ego driven, sleeping steers that bump about the biosphere,
assaulting all, with flat screen, black and white, self-gelded brains.