Fear is for cowards, pride is for fools, greed is for swine.
sloth is for dolts, while conceit and vanity kill souls.
These noxious Ego thugs delude, collude, and then combine
to fake us out, and keep us from our goals.

Though slaves we are to inner Vice's cloroform,
there does exist a means to cultivate new fuels
that lift a soul beyond Life's ceaseless spider storm.
Despite the spin religions take, a rock hard set of rules

can be employed to loose their filthy stranglehold,
but nothing's free, and this is work that doesn't end.
You have to want it pretty bad, cause once enrolled,
you can't go back. You'll know too much, and can't pretend

you'll fit again into that rut from which you came.
Stuck between two worlds, you'll be the living dead,
and know all hope is lost. In the rut, brains are lame
(as we all know) and clueless that a higher head

exists, and can be had. Distractions plague our quest
to stay on track and often things get vague, and blur.
Sustained attention will keep track of and contest
the shit that keeps the glutton from becoming connoisseur.